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Replacing the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests with simulation-based assessments

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Imbellus is computationally evolving a simulation of the natural world as our canvas for assessing how people think. From generating 3D content, to inferring cognitive skills from telemetry strings, to designing a modular task-creation engine, Imbellus is leveraging state of the art deep nets and AI more broadly. We are a team dedicated to a long-term theory of change around changing education systems by changing the standards that govern those systems' actors. If we succeed, students will learn radically differently in ~10 years in grades 9-12, and in turn, throughout their primary education. Instead of teaching an inch deep and a mile wide, teachers will focus on project based learning, teaching students with methods and in contexts that mirror the types of situations people face on the job in this century. We are driving change from the top down. You can learn more here: youtube.com/watch?v=r4zVktAXafE

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