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Distributed Ledger Technology for partner networks - パートナーネットワークのための分散台帳技術

iOS Engineer

¥4000k – ¥6000k • No equity
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We are looking for a talented iOS developer who is passionate about crafting clean code with well-defined structure and logic. They are confident writing tests, and believe that good testing is integral to development. Our ideal developer keeps up to date with the latest changes and developments in the iOS ecosystem.

You will be responsible for developing regional currency, virtual currency, and community currency wallet applications for our clients using our proprietary distributed ledger technology, Orb DLT.
[[ We currently outsource application development and are thus looking for keen engineers who lay the foundations of our future app development team. ]]

- Launch our app developement engineering team
- Design and implementation Orb's enterprise wallets
- Investigate and select the most appropriate frameworks, libraries, etc.
- Develop and maintain both new and existing features
- Operation (Investigate and measure impact of the development of iOS on other components of our system)
- Testing

Required Experience/ Skills:
- Ability to launch a our app developement team
- Design and implement scalable/maintainable code using good architecture
- Development experience of iOS application using Objective-C, Swift
- A personality that enjoys collaborating with fun people and crossing team boundaries
- Commitment to service development and user interface

Welcome Experience/skills:
- Experience with Android/Web Development
- Personal iOS / Android app release experience
- Communication in English

If you have all, almost all or believe you can accomplish all the values and skills mentioned above, we would love to hear from you!

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