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Smart Micro Greenhouse

Smart Micro Greenhouse

Our first product, Okavango by Íko Systems, is a countertop micro greenhouse. It is designed to fit into your home and engineered to grow quality herbs. Combined with our unique hydroponic method, Okavango is IoT enabled and monitors humidity, light, and temperature to simulate optimal growing conditions.

It gives the customer a green thumb without prior knowledge of growing plants. It's as easy as plugging in the system, connecting to wifi and placing our pre seeded and nutrient infused growth pods inside. This allows anyone to effortlessly grow tasteful herbs, using less energy than a single light bulb.

Our customer is someone who lives in an urban area, with no place to grow plants, especially during the winter. They love to cook for their spouse and/or children, look up creative recipes online, shop at farmers markets and buy gourmet kitchen appliances. They also appreciate having the latest smart home technologies.
Founded Íko Systems Start Up 2017 Kessler Fellow B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University Attended UWC Atlantic College in Wales
Co-founded Íko Systems with fellow Cornell graduates. In undergrad, focused on information engineering and technology.

Ben Sword

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Founder Íko Systems • Worked at @Boyce Thompson Instititue for Plant Research

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