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Katie Kerri

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Head of Customer Success at IFTTT, former Head of AM at Chariot, Lead International Team with 0% Attrition, Managed Expansion efforts.
API and functional programming specialist; helped move several early-stage startups to launch-ready

Jeff Lee

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Putting my pants on one leg at a time @IFTTT

Kelly Nose

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Account Manager @IFTTT. Certified yogi. Georgetown University BS

Connor Snodgrass

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Currently working at IFTTT, Segment Swrve and Clearslide Alumnus & UC Davis Grad.

Peter Curley

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Hands-on and experienced marketer with a history of creating and leading successful startups. Built marketing function for 4 successful start-ups.

Jacob Frautschi

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multi-disciplinarian; i am capable with RoR/JS/SQL web apps, but have more fun with Sidekiq batches, SQS/SNS eventing, and CI/CD improvements.
University of Texas grad; successful account manager at national IT reseller SHI; experienced in negotiating deals between major IT manufacturers and customers.

Travis Willhite

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Citadel The Military College of South Carolina.
Widely experienced engineer with 15 years experience across engineering and management.

Dan Burns

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Board members and advisors

Josh Goldman

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11 yrs as GP @Norwest Venture Partners. Repeat entrepreneur & CEO. >$6bn in realized M&A + IPO gains for companies i ran, invested in, or served on the Board.

Former team

Jamison Ross

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Chris Kibarian

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Zian Huang

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Trevor Turk

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Siobhan Gray

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Ani Niow

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