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Global food safety from seed to shelf using ML, Blockchain and App/API process controls

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iFoodDecisionSciences (iFoodDS), a Data/AI enterprise, is the leading global provider of food safety supply chain process control software for the produce industry. The solution is helping companies digitize their operations and enable oversight of food safety throughout the supply chain with a global cloud platform to help control risks wherever they occur. As the food supply chain becomes increasingly complex and high-speed, iFoodDS will be at the forefront with companies to meet these challenges, minimizing risk while controlling margins. With strategic relationship advantages, a huge addressable market and a team experienced with rapidly growing global software businesses, iFoodDS is poised to revolutionize the global food supply chain. We are experiencing incredible growth in 2019--join us!
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Senior Software Engineer

The iFoodDS platform helps companies in the fresh produce supply chain control costs and increase marketability of their products through food safety process controls, quality control, supplier management and the intelligent use of data.
The iFoodDS is a SaaS solution that has a Web component an...


Account Executive

Posted 7 months ago

iFoodDecisionSciences develops dynamic data management software solutions for growers, harvesters, coolers, packers, processors, and shippers. We work extensively with companies and associations across the produce industry and constantly evaluate and refine software to meet our client’s ...