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Technology is most useful in places where its least found. That's the challenge we're solving at IDFlo. In the garment manufacturing industry, you're going to face challenges that aren't typical technical challenges. You will need a strong sense of product development and user understanding to solve them. The culture at IDFlo is one of ownership. Far more valued than being able to write code that works (which is expected), is the ability to do a deep-dive into a problem, figure out the root causes and design a solution which will end up saving time and money. When taking on a project, an individual is given full liberty to interact directly with the customer, ask questions, ask more questions, understand the current process and finally come up with a simple solution.
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Frontend Developer

Posted 2 months ago
  • Talking to end users and understanding their current process flow
  • Coming up with a UI/UX solution that makes this process simpler and more intuitive

Backend Engineer

Posted 1 month ago
  • Understanding the requirements for all the latest products the team is looking to build
  • Mapping out requirements to technical specs