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While the CAP theorem may be misunderstood and subject to different interpretations, at Ideacrest we are quite sure that it is possible to provide THESE three guarantees together - work, learning and fun! So even as we build an event based communication layer for Java based micro services, we are happily discussing the nuances of bounded contexts in our in house gyaan sessions or watching a game of IPL over a couple of beers or twenty. All in a day’s work at IdeaCrest.
Our mission is to make a difference to our customers by providing innovative solutions to their business problems and play a valuable part in their journey. Giving our engineers the flexibility in choosing the right tool or framework to get the job done is a big part of our philosophy. It also helps that we have a good mix of seniors in the team with years of experience, just in case!
But seriously, micro services on Java or Node, native mobile applications on iOS or Android, web applications using MEAN stack or Django and Data engineering with open source tools are some of the areas of work for which we have been highly appreciated by our clients.
If any of this resonates with you, please feel free to connect with us.
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Software Engineer

Senior Backend Developer - Java

Looking for Senior Backend Developer to leverage the latest in Java and related server side technologies to design and develop highly scalable microservices and web applications for Fortune 500 companies.

Must Have

Expert in building highly scalable microservices using JAVA and JEE stack.

Software Engineer

JavaScript Full Stack Developer

We are looking to hire Full Stack JavaScript Developers to work with us in building exciting products. Candidate should have at least 3 years of experience in building high-performing, scalable, enterprise-grade applications.