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AI-powered customer interaction for airlines (Techstars '17)

AI-powered customer interaction for airlines (Techstars '17)

For passenger (pax) transport companies that experience rising costs to correspond to demanding customers with frequent inquiries, ICM Hub provides an automated, best-in-class and AI powered customer service solution that aims to boost profitability. The heart of our solution is using natural language to automatically respond to user questions, walk users through processes, provide them information, or even hand-hold them to make decisions about their trip. During conversations we can track and store customer information to learn more about our users, we can advise the user based on their unique situation, and help them take action as well as book add-ons to their itinerary. We envision more effective and more efficient customer service organizations. We enable pax transport companies with AI-powered technology so that the service personnel can be free for only the most crucial customer interaction.

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