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Kids Home School using Practical Technologies

Sr. Manager - Fundraising from Investor

$120k – $180k • 0.5% – 5.0%
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Kids are the main pillars for countries and even for their families. We believe in building fixed pillars through ethics that will enhance the chance to increase the success rate for their countries and families. Now it's the time to use the Technology for covering some gabs in normal education and build a strong walls for families with sustainable stability.

We build ethics stories and knowledge in real life to attract Nations' Builders imagination through well studied materials and tools:

We are Educational Organization for Kids. We are early stage but had a good record in training and consultation for more than 3,000 Mothers worldwide to enhance kids' behaviour and sold many HiTech products to enhance kids Intelligence. We are going to build many products and materials to like teaching kids to program small report as a software and hardware products.
We add huge value to our large clients based globally.

Our customers want that we should deliver our Innovative products, Solutions & services as quickly as possible, they can't wait.

We have a long-term, big opportunity & high Growth for those who want to take a big challenge by building and growing a startup in Kids Development to build highly skilled nations worldwide.
if you ready to take a big challenge today for better tomorrow with rising & sustainable fast-growing future, then join us.

Position: Manager -Fundraising from Investor
( Fundraising ticket size of 500KUSD - 2MUSD )

Exact role, Compensation & Responsibility depending upon your experience & commitment can be decided later by our management after you deliver the fund from fundraising from investors to our organization in a short tight schedule and we wish you are skiled person to support our success because Our Organization based on ethics which will be replicated to families.

Should require to fundraise from Investors for our Investment stage.
We are a high growth, high potential early stage matured startup in AI Health Digital Health having huge customer base globally including Turkey, France, America, UK, Syria, Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, UAE.

1) Qualification:
B.Tech / CA / CS / LLB
or MBA ( Marketing / Finance / Entrepreneurship / IT management ) from top Business School.

Depend upon role, Responsibility, Commitment is undertaken, CTC would be from 120KUSD - 200KUSD + Equity from 0.5% - 5% but only after you do fundraising from Investor.
Till then needs to manage fundraising Job responsibility on the self-financial support basis.

Equity in the company:
up to 5% equity depending on written commitment with the above contribution bringing on the table.

- Flexible working hours
- Remote working an option
- Authorized to work Worldwide
- Optional Free Visa and Residence Application to Turkey if you want to visit the most beautiful Country in the World which will open new Opportunities in the Future
- And more..

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Kids Home School using Practical Technologies

Ibn Khaldon focuses on E-Commerce, Education, Kids, and Professionnal Training,Schools. Their company has offices in Turkey. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.ibn-khaldon.com/ or find them on Facebook.