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Online property agent

Online property agent

I Am The Agent.com allows property owners the chance to take control & be the agent. We offer all the services of an estate agent at a fraction of the cost. The team formed over 10 years ago & heavily invested in research, business development & software. Our ethos is simple: I Am Saving. I Am in Control. I Am The Agent.com. We want to ensure there are no hidden costs, no tiny t&C's, no false advertising, no robbing the tenant to help landlord. Just fair and easy systems with experienced property assistants and client assistant to help you when YOU need it. We want to help tenants get fair deals with no unnecessary fees as well as a safe haven to ask questions, receive hints and tips when needed, help buyers with mortgages, insider knowledge on buying and more. It's about every move up or down the property ladder not just a corporate transaction, it's a move that changes peoples life journey. We have revolutionised an industry now we want to encourage a community.

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Save thousands on the cost of selling your home. I Am The Agent will help you sell a house for £399 or rent for £49. No commission to pay!