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Hyre is single-handedly disenfranchising the fragmented $80 Billion event staffing industry!

Currently, event organizers use event staffing agencies on a daily basis to find, hire, and pay event staff (waitstaff, bartenders, etc.) for their events. Event staffing agencies charge astronomical fees for this (often twice what the staff are actually being paid) but organizers have seen no other options for temporary staff. Further, staff are dissatisfied with their low wages and lack of autonomy. To make matters worse, the staff provided by agencies are unqualified and untrained, and thus organizers typically complain about the quality of the staff. Both event organizers and event staff are not happy with the current out-dated methods of staffing agencies.

Hyre is centred around individual growth and learning. We are self-starters and strive for the best. We all love what we do because we are making a difference and changing an industry! We're here because we want to be!
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