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Hospitality platform tackling the $100B event staffing industry.

Hospitality platform tackling the $100B event staffing industry.

Hyre is a hospitality platform that is transforming how event organizers (hotels and event venues) do their event staffing. When event organizers are short-staffed (which is 30-50% of the time), they call a traditional staffing agency that charges them an arm and a leg for staff who are getting paid minimum wage. These agencies operate in a manual fashion that results in poor quality, high costs, and unreliability to the event organizers. This is just 1 example of how the hospitality world is currently riddled with mundane processes that cost end users billions in inefficiencies, time, and human error.

By creating a platform that allows hospitality professionals to take control of their own staffing, Hyre is tackling a $100 Billion problem in the event staffing space. We are building a suite of products that are taking on giants like ADP and Ceridian.

We currently work with high-end clients such as the Hilton, Delta, Westin, Marriott, Ritz Carleton, etc., across Toronto and Ottawa.
CEO of Hyre (Techstars). Won over 10 competitions with Hyre and raised non-dilutive funding. Strong business background, worked in many consulting firms.

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