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Hyprsense aims for seamless interaction between AI and people’s daily lives in the computer vision field. While straddling the line between R&D and product build, Hyprsense is on the front of the cutting-edge technology keeping our core value in constant evolution. We provide top-notch facial motion capture solutions in various fields to support your products at the backend with of the highest accuracy and precision level. Hyprsense is always striving to reshape how our society interacts with computing machines including a mobile phone. Product Video: youtu.be/DFsY0yrn-tg What is like working for Hyprsense: goo.gl/ZrB6RQ Internship project example 1: goo.gl/vcF3rb Internship project example 2: goo.gl/gKGRXU
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Technical Artist

Hyprsense develops state-of-the-art production-ready facial expression tracker.

Key qualification for this position is:

Expert knowledge of character rigging, anatomy, joint placement, and skinning in Maya
Experience with modern/high-end real-time characters and implementing assets in real-tim...


Computer Vision/Deep Learning Researcher


We’re looking for a talented researcher with backgrounds in computer vision/deep learning to lead the research and development of the next gen facial tracking technology by leveraging the state of the art deep learning techniques and the depth camera sensors.

You will shape ...


Computer Graphics/Vision Engineer


We’re looking for a talented engineer with backgrounds in computer graphics/vision to lead the research and development of the next gen facial tracking technology by leveraging the state of the art facial performance capture technology.

You will shape the next generation of ...


Software Engineer - Web, Full-stack, Typescript

Posted 7 months ago
  • 2+ years of professional software development experience
  • An ability to build web software from development to deployment from scratch

Software Engineer - Unity

Posted 7 months ago
  • Implement new features in our Unity plugin to support developers building creative software out of our facial tracking software
  • Support developers to integrate facial tracking system onto their software projects