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HYPR is The Passwordless Company™ backed by Comcast, Samsung, and Mastercard

Desktop Application Developer

$120k – $180k • 0.01% – 0.1%
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HYPR is looking for a seasoned application engineer familiar with internals and operations of windows and other operating systems at the foundational level. This coveted role is at HYPR’s world headquarters located in New York City. Relocation assistance for the right candidate will be provided.

Your experience has covered working on areas such as credential providers, SSPs, Kernel level details, DLLs, Registry, Certificates, AD Services, etc.

You are reading this going "yeah this is right in my wheelhouse" and if you are not reading it that way, then you should navigate far far away.

The right candidate is a results-driven self-starter who can take initiative, research areas of new development and formulate a step driven action plan to reach the outcomes of our solution.


HYPR is the leader in decentralized authentication with millions of users secured across the Fortune 500. Named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner in 2017, HYPR is trusted by major enterprises such as Mastercard and Samsung to prevent breaches, eliminate fraud, and accelerate transaction speeds.

The HYPR solution ensures that personal credentials always stay safely decentralized and encrypted on your users’ devices. By eliminating the need for a centralized credential store, HYPR removes the target and reduces the size of the attack surface to minimize your risk of a data breach.

With HYPR, enterprises are changing the way millions of users experience fast, secure access to our connected world.

General requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field of study (master's preferred)
2. 10+ years of software development experience on Windows and/or macOS
3. Excellent programming and debugging skills in C/C++, C#, and Objective-C
4. In-depth knowledge and experience with Windows and/or macOS internals
5. RESTful APIs and network communication with HTTP/HTTPs and TCP sockets
6. Experience with Git-Flow and tools such as Jenkins, Artifactory, JIRA, etc.

Windows experience/skills:
1. Development in C/C++ (unmanaged code) and C# (.NET managed code)
2. Windows authentication (credential providers, SSPs, Kerberos, NTLM, etc.)
3. Window NT services and interprocess communication (WPF, named pipes, etc.)
4. Graphical user interface development with C# and XAML
5. Windows Active Directory
6. Windows Win32 APIs
7. Microsoft Visual Studio and additional tools (WinDbg, WiX, NUnit, etc.)

macOS experience/skills
1. Development in Objective-C and C/C++
2. macOS authentication (authorization plugins + CryptoTokenKit + PAM modules)
3. macOS Launch Daemons, Launch Agents and interprocess communication (XPC, domain sockets, etc.)
4. Graphical user interface development with storyboards, view controllers, etc.
5. Development with frameworks (authorization, keychain, etc.)
6. Xcode and additional tools (xcodebuild, pkgbuild, etc.)

What HYPR offers:

• All frontend and backend engineers are Senior, you’re joining a team of All Stars who consistently deliver the highest quality code and products in tight timelines
• An organisation with a great work life balance. Many of our employees have families and responsibilities outside of the office that they are able to easily meet.
• Extreme product focus, at HYPR you’ll never be spinning your wheels on tasks that do not matter. Everything we develop is cutting edge and important.
• High levels of ownership. We understand that we are able to do our best work when we can bring insights together.
• An emphasis on collaboration and access to giants in the industry. We achieve our best because we employ the best.
• Our engineers use the latest frameworks and language iterations. Our marketing, sales, ops and more utilize the best and latest tools for innovation and scale.

Benefits Include:
• Competitive Salary & Equity offer with significant upside as we scale
• Great Medical/Dental/Vision coverage, as well as FSA/HSA, 401k available and more
• Generous equipment budget and customized workstation. You will have what you need to be successful

HYPR is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

HYPR at a glance

HYPR is The Passwordless Company™ backed by Comcast, Samsung, and Mastercard

HYPR focuses on Enterprise Security, Mobile Security, Cyber Security, and Cloud Security. Their company has offices in New York City and London. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees. To date, HYPR has raised $13M of funding; their latest round was closed on October 2017 at a valuation of $40M.

You can view their website at https://www.hypr.com/ or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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