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Creators of Hyperledger

Creators of Hyperledger

Hyperledger is a new technology to allow banks to clear and settle in real-time without the need for a central party via distributed ledgers. By removing the need for these intermediaries, Hyperledger reduces costs, delays, and settlement risk. For the first time, financial institutions can create private shared databases among known entities. By providing an open standard for value transfer, Hyperledger can integrate with existing systems to break down silos and increase liquidity. Hyperledger is the only platform of its type not to have a built-in cryptocurrency or singular public network. Hyper are the commercial entity supporting the open source Hyperledger Value Transfer Protocol. They are working with financial institutions, consortia of banks, and start-ups to deliver solutions to mitigate settlement risk, reduce costs and delays across multiple financial instruments; from FX, Interest Rate Swaps, Securities, to correspondent banking.

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Dan O'Prey

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CMO @Digital Asset . Previously Founder and CEO of @Hyper Hyperledger and @VisualOps (@MadeiraCloud), a Sequoia backed cloud startup in China.