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Senior Frontend Developer (on site or remote)

€60k – €80k • 0.0% – 1.0%
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The tech team at hypcloud is currently made of 2 developers working on the entire stack (JS frontend, Elixir + Go backend, cloud ops), and we plan to grow this team to 5 people.

We're looking for a senior developer that will take the lead on the frontend part, providing their experience to improve the iteration cycle, while at the same time improving its maturity and quality.

hypcloud's frontend is built as a Single Page Application based on Vue.js (+ vuex, pug, sass, webpack, ...)

Generally, the job would consist of:

- design integration, development of new components and services,
- grow the test suite and automation,
& more generally, participation in all product, tools and processes improvements (the best idea wins!)

We're looking for someone who is:

- HTML, CSS, JS (ES6) proficient,
- generally curious about other technologies and practices,
- produces documented, clean, and simple code,
- writes automated tests,
- good in communication, and likes to share ideas and knowledge with others,
- at ease in a linux console, using git, bash, installing packages, set up tools.

Design skills and/or sensitivity are also greatly appreciated!

Why choosing hypcloud?

- the team is international (German, Brazilian, French), and come from diverse industries,
- the company is growing!,
- we have flexible work hours, work partially remote (can do remote too for time zones around Berlin),
- we allow everyone to express themselves and strive for what they enjoy and do best.