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Senior Blockchain Product Manager

$120k – $160k • 0.05% – 0.1%
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We are looking for a Senior Blockchain Product Manager (5+ years) to help build out Molecule, a set of APIs, apps, dApps and libraries which helps enterprises add financial blockchain components to applications built on Hydrogen. You will be responsible for important business decisions, product development, strategy, competitive research, wireframing, marketing initiatives, talking at industry events, and more.

**Although you will be interfacing with protocols and smart contracts, this is a business platform that helps enterprises build commercialized products ON TOP of public blockchain technology. If you are more interested in working on technology at the protocol level, please contact the Hydro open-source community (projecthydro.org/contact-us).**


- Strong knowledge of public blockchains such as Ethereum, NEO, NEM
- Strong knowledge of tokens, side-chains, and new trends in blockchain
- Strong knowledge of private chain providers like R3 & Hyperledger
- Knowledge of security, cryptography, and other core concepts
- Strong personal belief in decentralization
- Strong ability to grow and engage with our community of developers

Many people (or investors) who own a few Bitcoin or Ethereum will apply, but we are looking for people who follow blockchain and are more interested in it from a product and/or business standpoint. We strongly believe in the future of blockchain technology and the use in enterprise applications.

Please reply with your resume and a short note with an answer to "What application of blockchain technology has the most business potential and why?"

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