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Tyler Brock

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Co-Founder and CTO at Hustle
Co-founder and CEO @ Hustle, helping organizations scale genuine human relationships. Formerly Co-creator of WineGlass, Data Scientist and Engineer @ Facebook


Richard Purcell

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Catalyst of new market expansion and process improvement.

Seth Jones

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Talent Partner/Strategic Program Manager at Hustle

Cori Pryor

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I work on the Talent Acquisition team at @Hustle

Jessy Oates

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Kafia Ahmed

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Meghan Apfelbaum

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Experienced Client/Partner Manager for fundraising and political campaign focused SMS SaaS company. Background in nonprofit fundraising & digital advocacy.


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Professional computer nerd at Hustle
Worked at @Start Somewhere • Studied at @Whitman College

Tyler Torola

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Full Stack Dev. Fluent in RoR, Laravel, React.js, Redux, jQuery, and Vue.js. Enthusiastic about learning Functional Programming, ML, and Blockchain.

Board members and advisors

Co-founder of Attentive.ly at Blackbaud, 1st tech startup with a black female founder on board in history to be acquired by a NASDAQ-traded company.

Former team

Sunny Kakollu

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Montrey Whittaker

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Michael Dodd

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Maya Cantrell

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Max Kamin-Cross

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Malcolm Decuire

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