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Open source crypto trading bots

Open source crypto trading bots

Hummingbot is an open source high-frequency (HFT) software client that allows anyone to run automated, algorithmic trading strategies that were previously available only to Wall Street hedge funds. Backed by Bain Capital Ventures and Stanford University's StartX Fund, Hummingbot is the leading open source algorithmic trading platform for crypto. The Hummingbot client also powers our liquidity mining platform, which is a data-driven, digital marketplace for crowd-sourced, decentralized market making that is changing the way financial markets are created and traded. For more details, visit: - our website: hummingbot.io - our Github repo: github.com/coinalpha/hummingbot - our liquidity mining platform: miners.hummingbot.io

Executive Assistant / Operations Manager

Senior Frontend Engineer (React/Redux/Python) - remote

UI/UX Designer for markets, trading, investments, financial data

Backend Python Engineer (remote)

Sales / Business Development (remote)

Technical Support - Mandarin written/spoken 中文

Developer Evangelist

Yvonne Zhang

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Michael Feng

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Co-founder & CEO @Hummingbot

Martin Kou

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Co-founder and CTO @ CoinAlpha Inc. Tech generalist, sees computer science as the perfect combination between mathematics and art.

Carlo P Las Marias

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Co-Founder & COO @Hummingbot | Executive Director/VP @Goldman Sachs, Director @deutschebank @UBS @Credit Suisse ★ We are hiring ★
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