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Real-time health data network that gives consumers full control of all their health data



Andrei Pop

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Founder @Human API


Anthony J. Chan

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Former healthcare and marketing consultant. Storytelling strategist building up product marketing @ Human API.

Claire Hawkins

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Worked at Human API, Illumina

Pramod Shintri

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Hands-on HR/Staffing professional with domain expertise encompassing new emerging technologies in IoT, Big Data, Mobile, Enterprise Systems, and Digital...

Kenneth Hittleman

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Java backend and full stack development. Worked at Apple, Taligent, IBM, Epocrates and start-ups. BA in CS from Dartmouth College.
My interests lie at the intersection of machine intelligence and software systems. With R&D and industry experience from quick prototyping to production.

Manali Yavatkar

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Data Scientist with experience in machine learning, natural language processing, biomedical engineering, wearable devices, and s/w dev

Suprada Urval

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Front End Developer who wants to make a dent in the universe.
Berkeley CS full stack generalist, currently in SAAS payments field, former Amazon, former Apple employee
Data Engineer at Human API

Kartik Thakore

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Software & BioMedical Engineer; Full Stack and Product Developer; Seasoned Entrepreneur in Health Care/Wellness industry

gil hapico

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Steven Santa Maria

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Success and Sales Engineer with experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries

Claire Hawkins

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Board members and advisors

Managing Director at NaviMed Capital

Former team

Brendan Malloy

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Jose Antonio Madriz

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Matt Landers

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Andres Rodriguez

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Siddharth Pramod

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Evan Bashir

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