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Real-time health data network that gives consumers full control of all their health data


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John Malloy

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Alex Payne

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Cofounder and first CTO of @Simple Finance. Platform Lead and early employee at @Twitter. Invests and advises.

Phil Moon

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Tom Callaghan

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Co-founded M3 (TSE:2413). Created world's most successful pharma-to-physician online marketing channel. Transformed $2M startup capital into $1B market cap.
Seed investors; Founder @IronPort @Topsy; Board Member @PayPal @Postmates

Thomas Korte

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Now: Founder of @AngelPad, Before: @Google Product Manager. Investor in 150 companies.

Nan Li

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VC @ Obvious Ventures | Adjunct @ Stanford; Eric Schmidt's Innovation Endeavors, Startup Product & Operations, Bain Capital Ventures, Michigan CS/Math

Max Levchin

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Co-founder/CTO @PayPal; Founder/CEO @Slide; Founder/CEO HVF; angel, tinkerer, cyclist, spy.
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