Joe Marchese

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Human attention gatherer (professional and hobbyist), experience creator and team builder. true[X] Founder/CEO. Reserve Founder/Chairman. Other stuff...

Heather Hartnett

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Heather is the CEO and founding partner of Human Ventures — a venture studio in NYC that co-founds consumer facing technology companies.


Founder Hugo Labs, EIR @Human Ventures, self-driving car engineer @Udacity before: VC @Collaborative Fund, EIR @Techstars

Alice Krenitski

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Head of Business Design at Human Ventures, working with founders to design impactful business concepts. Co-founder of [place] makes.

Jesse Morris

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Managing Partner at Human Ventures, Co-Founder, Partner @Very, Co-Founder @ReadyCart | #NYC, #LA, #CHA Runner, Autism Activist, Quadruplet.

Jolyn Lee

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Helen Gibney

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Head of Marketing & Community at Human Ventures

Peter Rumbles

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Worked in finance, at museums, and on a TV show; have Bachelor degrees in History, Biology, and Economics, and a Master's degree in the History of Science.

Michael Jurek, CPA

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Head of Financial Operations @Human Ventures Founder of Drone Obstacles LLC. Studied @Ohio State University. Builder of companies.
Business Designer at Human Ventures

Former team

Megan O'Connor

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