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Human helps you to understand your daily activity

Human helps you to understand your daily activity

Human is your compass for daily activity. We help you understand your everyday activity and show how you compare with people around you. 
Get inspired to make the most of every day.

People are hacking their lives to regain control of their health & well-being. With the rise of sensor-packed devices, from phones to wearables, users are trying to understand their data. Human gets the world moving by giving context to everyday activity.

We started with elegant game mechanics to inspire people to move 30 minutes, every day.
Now, we’re taking that data and leveraging it to give our community insights and benchmarks to their activity.
Ultimately, we’re helping people celebrate an active lifestyle and experiencing the world around them.

Best of App Store 2014 - blog.human.co/posts/best-of-2014.html

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Laurier Clark

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Coding at @Human, previously backend @Usabilla and backend @Cardcloud. Hacking + tech + art.
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