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Meetings notes that are the next interface for teamwork!

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**Introducing Hugo**

Meetings are at the core of teamwork, but they are also a source for disconnect — the tools we use aren’t integrated, and it’s hard to loop everyone in.

Hugo changes that with Connected Meeting Notes — making meeting notes shareable and actionable across the business.

Partnering with leaders like Atlassian, Slack, and Zoom, we have turned meetings into a force to align teams and create customer-centric cultures. Now we need help getting Hugo into more hands.

Because we’re defining best practices for teamwork — one that revolves around collaborative meetings — our opportunity lies in being amazing educators. We’ve had success already — just Google ‘meeting notes’, or read our book that Zoom founder Eric Yuan called the “manual he wishes he had”. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, and why we’re looking for another growth-oriented marketer to help tell our story.

**To apply**

No cover letters! We’d love three things instead:

- A short video (max 2 minutes) on your favorite B2B SaaS tool - why we should buy/adopt it, and the best way to get started.
- Share one idea you’d love to experiment with at Hugo to impact growth metrics.
- Your resume — showing where and how you’ve done it before.

**What we’d like you to do**

Hugo is a self-serve B2B SaaS product. We make decisions through a product-first and growth-first lens. We are looking for Hugo’s second marketing hire, who can join the co-founders and our lead marketer.

You will quickly become an evangelist for Hugo and the way we power meeting culture. You will sell, educate, and advocate for Hugo in every form — on our blog, in webinars, through landing pages, and in customer comms.

We’re good at getting people excited about our problem, with an impressive proportion of users becoming daily active. You will help exponentially widen the net and improve each point in the funnel, as part of a data-driven, collaborative growth team. We don’t want to prescribe exactly how, but here are a few areas we’re thinking about right now:

- Best-practice Content: We are often asked for more best practice content on great meeting culture (which we believe leads to great company culture). But, like everything else we do, the one-size-fits-all blog post won’t cut it.

- Webinars: We’re missing a crucial part of our funnel today — webinars for leads to better understand Hugo, and to help new signups level-up and advocate for Hugo in their companies. We’d love for you to own this end-to-end to increase signups, activation, and team success.

- 10X Lead Nurture and Conversion: We’ve made some early steps here, but the opportunity is immense. We collect a lot of leads every month, but we can do more to create value for them and in turn, help them become Hugo users. This is more than just drip campaigns — think website updates, landing pages, and use-case personalization.

- Some BIG experiments: We’re not just implementing a standard B2B Marketing Playbook. We want your ideas — nothing is off-limits to help us grow. We’re very data-driven and are willing to take risks for higher rewards.

**What you will accomplish**

In your first 30 days, you will make some quick wins, including:

- Dive into content marketing with the team, deciding on themes, channels, and initial projects. By the end, you will have produced content seen by thousands.

- Review our website copy, content, layout, and structure. Use your fresh eyes to plan updates that will improve site comprehension and conversion rates.

- Start planning your first webinar and have an early plan for a recurring webinar program.

- Have at least one experiment designed and running that could materially impact a key growth metric.

In your first 90 days, you will begin to own parts of our marketing stack and have already impacted vital growth metrics, including some or all of the following:

- Ramping up our content machine with high-quality content that translates to leads and signups.

- Taking our dabbles in paid marketing to the next level, developing new creative, and experimenting with new channels to understand paid acquisition costs and which channels to invest in.

- Launching a new webinar program — an essential part of our user journey for both fresh leads, new signups, and even engaged users seeking best practices.

- Continuous improvements to our marketing website and landing pages which translate into better conversion rates and higher quality signups.

- Involvement and influence on product marketing, feature releases and product decisions.

**What we’re looking for**

- Directly relevant marketing experience in an early-stage B2B SaaS company, ideally with a self-serve or low-touch business model.

- A passion for teamwork and a personal understanding of the negative impact that wasteful meetings can have on team collaboration and speed.

- Confidence, passion, and energy to evangelize Hugo and captivate audiences via video, on stage, with written content, and otherwise.

- Exceptional story-telling and writing skills. You engage readers with high-quality, well-thought-out content, product descriptions, and other assets. You are an expert at pitching products and teaching customers.

- You’re experienced with marketing automation tools like Autopilot, Customer.io, Convertflow, CMSs, or similar tools, and you’re experienced in looking at analytics, dashboards and understanding the data.

- You don’t have to be an engineer but you should be very savvy with understanding, adopting and using SaaS tools.

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Entrepreneurial marketing visionary who excels in the disciplines of content marketing, sales enablement, marketing automation, sales support, and analytics.

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Hugo - Co-founder & CEO

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