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Meetings are at the core of teamwork, where the needs of our customers are heard and their solutions brought to life. But, meetings are often a source of frustration because the way that we meet isn't connected to the way that we work.

Hugo changes all of that by connecting meeting notes to the people and tools in your company. We do this using over 20 integrations with work apps, including your calendar. Easily find meeting notes when you can query by meeting, contact, company, date, or what was in the note.

With Hugo, shared agendas and connected notes make collaboration easy, and the team knows what’s happening whether or not they were in the room.

Partnering with leaders like Atlassian, Slack and Zoom, we’ve been able to turn meetings into a powerful force to align teams and create customer-centric cultures with 40% less meeting attendance. We’re excellent at building beautiful products that solve real problems for our customers, but we need help getting Hugo into more hands.

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