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Menswear made simple.

Menswear made simple.

Hugh & Crye introduced a new-to-world sizing system for shirts and blazers, based on the body types of thousands of lean and athletically built men.

Until now, shirts were sized using outdated Small-Medium-Large demarcations that fit most guys terribly. We measured hundreds, and later thousands of guys, and devised 12 sizes based on two factors: the height and width of the torso. Where most brands and manufacturers grade (increase/decrease sizes) in a linear manner, we treated each size as its own, and developed patterns for each.

In addition to great fit off-the-rack, we produce shirts using socially compliant factories, with Italian two-ply 100% cotton fabrics, and never with harmful chemicals used in processes such as 'wrinkle free'.

Pranav Vora

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CEO and Founder of @Hugh & Crye. Ex-marketing and strategy consultant. MSc @London School of Economics, Visiting Scholar @Wharton School, BS @Indiana University, Bloomington

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