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Project management for GitHub issues

Project management for GitHub issues

HuBoard instantly adds project management to GitHub issues. HuBoard use the GitHub Api to create a kanban board that uses GitHub issues as the single source of truth for all of your tasks.

It's UI is similar to tools like Trello and Pivotal Tracker, where it differs is that it doesn't have a separate database for issues so you don't have any synchronization problems. It allows team to use GitHub issues for everything.

HuBoard's target market is small to medium organizations using GitHub's private repositories as well as large organizations using GitHub Enterprise.

Ricki Frank

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Keith Dahlby

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@Huboard co-founder and CTO. Open source leader, contributor and advocate. Previously e-commerce architect for MAG Retail Group.

Ryan Rauh

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Founder & CEO @HuBoard, Core team member of one of the largest open source project in .NET, 1000+ star GitHub repository owner, definer of new markets

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