Joe Vladeck

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Worked at Hubble Contacts

priscille Abelard

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10+ years of experience in customer service and as a team leader. I have the ability to develop trusting relationships with people.

Barbara Almeida

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I am passionate about working with people, improving performances, processes & making the work place an environment people look forward to going to every day.

Christine Johnson

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Director, Customer Experience @ContactsCart and Co-Director, Customer Experience @Hubble Contacts

Yasmin Chen

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Very dedicated and results driven. I believe in learning as much as I can and spreading that knowledge to help others as well.
Lots of coffee and management experience. Looking beyond preparing and serving coffee. Highly skilled in English/writing/editing.

Kathleen DeBolt

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Co-Director of Customer Experience for Hubble Contacts after 4 years in NYC public schools; creative solutions w/ both people & process.

Jefferson Carrera

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Charismatic, experienced customer service executive with expertise in all facets of customer service, client account management and sales.
Worked at Hubble Contacts. Went to Princeton University

Benjamin Cogan

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Co-Founder / Co-CEO at Hubble Contacts

Jesse Horwitz

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Co-CEO at Hubble Contacts

Former team

Paul Rodgers

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Aaron Alpeter

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TM Matthew

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