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With the increasing pressures of achieving targets in an organization, the drive to perform better has been often neglected. Having said that, it is important to maintain the enthusiasm and the positive energy within the company. But, how do you achieve this? How do you bring about sync within your employees, customers, business, and the success to be accomplished? Well, don’t go panicking! Instead, go HR Muscle. HR Muscle offers scientifically designed and innovative workshops, training, and activities to sustain employee enthusiasm and unlock workforce potential. Our Vision: HR Muscle is a market leader in Team Building and Employee Engagement. Our vision is staying true to our core of ‘experiential learning’ and reaching the summit. Our aim is to build and live an audacious dream of a future reality based on our work. We strongly believe to extend our services through all the verticals and attain the upward scaling graph! Our Mission: The mission of HR Muscle is helping you achieve your dream through our concentrated efforts. HR Muscle understands the organizational dynamics and offers you solutions to connect your employees, customers, and business. Our mission is to inspire growth and improvement in your organization through the penetration of understanding, experience, and dedication. We assure you a constructive programme to help attain a meaning to your organization. So, take a step forward and we will take two! Let us together accomplish a healthy and profound work culture.
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Sales Executive

Are you a young, dynamic sales executives who is interested in

Gathering prospective client details and import them into CRM tool.
Use CRM for maintaining touch points with new and old clients and send email collaterals, call the prospective leads and discuss importance of team engagement to a ...