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Alicia Martínez

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Darya Burtseva

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Irakli Bochorishvili

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Worked at HousingAnywhere.com

Christian Gill

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Fullstack JS, building for the web, passionate about OpenSource.

Claire Chi

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Recruitment professional focussed on helping tech startups fulfill important positions and build better strategies.

René Overvoorde

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Worked at HousingAnywhere.com

Djordy Seelmann

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CEO at HousingAnywhere

Board members and advisors

Fundraising specialist (series A+), CFO and (micro) angel investor. Blogger at gringottsventures.com. Former fintech founder and CEO @ equidam.com
CEO / Co-Founder Join, the leading automated influencer platform in Europe. Venture builder with Openfounder.

Former team

Silvia Baldanza

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Peter Molnar

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Roberto Monco

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Milena Tsankarska

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Luke Billings

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William Diaz

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