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A linux-based Wireless Router Firmware with a built-in App Store. There are already 30Million+ compatible devices in circulation (Raspberry Pi's), which can be upgraded for FREE. Each end-user generates a few dollars of cryptocurrency for our company each month by simply (and optionally) accepting the terms of our free software and service upon initial connection of their mobile device to the Wi-Fi Router.

Our mission is to get as many compatible devices as possible using our friendly software and interface (which we call the 'dashboard'). This is a simpler means of installing applications as no coding is required. Then we aim to bring all of the incredible applications being developed for the compatible hardware onto our application store, making it easier for non-technical users to locate and use the endless number of great applications which are out there, but are otherwise unknown due to the level of technical expertise that's currently required just to install them.

Android has been hacked to work on these compatible hardware devices, but the way Android Apps work is limited to a single screen and user. HotspotBnB apps are different as they're able to work over Wi-Fi on multiple devices with multiple interfaces - simultaneously. Take a HTML5 mobilegamepad and Emulation Station (over UV4L) for example. 4 mobile devices (connected to the HotspotBnB Wi-Fi Router) can display a mobile-gamepad via their web browsers. And a laptop or smartTV can display almost every game console and game imaginable via its web browser. In fact, since 2 (4K) screens are supported (screen mirroring) you can even expect room-2-room screen mirroring to work in the near future. All of this power and capability (and more) is all hosted on the HotspotBnB Wi-Fi Router - a $35 USD palm sized device. We're very exited about the future of HotspotBnB and welcome any talented individual (with experience working in tech startups) to apply to join our growing team.
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Software Engineer

Posted 7 months ago

We are looking for talented Linux Software Engineers to maintain our products Operating System.


Investment Manager

Posted 7 months ago

A financial savvy individual with an established reputation in finance who seeks to join a startup. Working alongside the CEO and CFO to direct all matters of investor relations.