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Brandon Mahne

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I believe in Agile, just-in-time scaling, integrated QA as a service, and engineering accountability to peers and the business. I get things done.

Maribelle Navarez, MBA

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MBA graduate with 13+ years of experience as an HR Business Partner/Director/Manager.

Matt Helgren

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Tammy Grad

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Alex Haines

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I am a software engineer specializing in thoughtful, communicative development.

Aaron Jones

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Full Stack Engineer and Engineering Manager, 

Ray Pawlikowski

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Michael Feldman

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Crystal Maher

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Founder Nibble • Worked at @HotSchedules

Patrick Sauts

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NoSql knowledge: Neo4J, Hadoop/Hbase, Solr, Spark, Hive Java, Scala, Groovy MongoDb Redis

Thomas Barrow

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Aaron Miller

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Joe Velatini

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I am a professional in multitasking always looking for self improvement and in everything around me. Nothing is perfect.
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Daniel Olasky

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Kellie Roop

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A.J. Gardner

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Aaron Anaya

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Armen Danielian

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Brandon Gadoci

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