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The service industry endures labor shortage during weekend & high season. It also experiences high turnover rate due to irregular hours.

Hotelie App was created to help increase operation productivity of business by providing high quality on-demand workers. We will save time for employers by ensuring high service standards from employees. On the other hand, employees will have the freedom to choose whatever shifts most appealing to them. Their working experience and performance will also be recorded for future reference.

We aim to become Vietnam's leader in providing premium quality workforce in the service industry. Our mission is to inspire life long learning, empower the youth, and strengthen communities through hospitality leadership.

We are a small company that takes on the challenge to improve the service culture of a developing country, and we are looking for people who are passionate about service and operation efficiency.
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Android Developer

Create, maintain and implement the source code to develop mobile app prototype.

We are currently looking for a contractor to help develop prototype, or possibly a co-founder as CTO with a strong background in mobile development.


Recruitment platform Tech Lead

Posted 2 months ago

Looking for a Tech Lead responsible for a recruitment ecosystem in Asia on both mobile and web application.

Lead mobile design efforts and provide architectural direction
Manage the complete software development lifecycle
Enforce coding best practices and standards; perform co...