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Personal trainer for quick mobile workouts

Personal trainer for quick mobile workouts

Hot5 is a new fitness app offering short, effective video workouts with personal trainers. Users can stream together multiple five-minute routines (targeting abs & core, butt & legs, cardio & agility, muscle & strength, yoga & flexibility) to create a personalized workout suited to their needs. Simply compile a playlist and enjoy back-to-back videos for a 45-minute full-body workout, 15-minute ab routine to compliment a morning jog or 30 minutes of evening yoga to help unwind.

Short-intense workouts are proven to be the most effective way to stay fit, so even the busiest professional in today’s fast, mobile world can benefit from Hot5’s variety of five-minute workouts. The app’s calorie counter shows real results during, and even after, workouts.

We're building a personalized fitness experience that adapts to your lifestyle and needs to keep you fit.

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