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Helping vacation rental companies and their guests make the most of every stay


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Susan Kimberlin

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Built the Salesforce search team; Worked at @PayPal, @Salesforce; BoD President of about-face.org; Studied at University of California, San Diego

Kay Walten

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Brad Cartier

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Digital marketing manager with experience in creating content assets that drive traffic. Real estate investor and proptech marketer.

Wharton Alumni Angels

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Connecting entrepreneurs, investors, and The Wharton School


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Acceleprise is a worldwide SaaS accelerator backed by leading operators

Blue Startups

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Accelerate Your Startup in Paradise

Tom Nielsen

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Google (2002-2009), Small project/startups since then. Semi-retired but still love the work.

Eli Schleifer

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Chenoa Farnsworth

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Founder and Managing Partner at Blue Startups. Managing Director at Hawaii Angels.
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