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We hire people who take initiative to make an impact on the company. We take responsibility for everything that we do and celebrate hustle. Because we are remote, we make extra effort to stay connected to one another through regularly scheduled meetings and also impromptu 1:1s. We also use transparent calendaring to make it easier for us to work across timezones. If you join the team, you should expect to be proactive about getting your questions answered and making meaningful connections with your teammates.

Perks and benefits

Generous maternity and paternity leave

We work with each employee to arrange time off to welcome a new child to the family, whether through birth or adoption.

Equity benefits

We offer equity compensation depending on the role and stage of the company.

Work from wherever

We are a remote team and give employees ample flexibility to work from a location that suits them and their lifestyle.

Flexible working hours

We strive to create a flexible environment where people can set their own hours. The one requirement we have is that employees prioritize team meetings and customer meetings.

Unlimited vacation

Collaborate with your manager to take time off so that you can recharge, spend time with friends and family, or do whatever else makes you happy.

We cover travel expenses

When you need to travel for work, we reimburse you for travel expenses including food, transportation, and accommodation.