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We are a group of engineers from India who have spent years in hiring hundreds of developers in various organisations and found ourselves spending hours every day recruiting and interviewing instead of focusing on growth. We have worked with various organisations like Razorpay, Urbanclap, Healthkart and built highly scalable technologies. With our wide range of hiring experience, we have come up with unique strategies to select the best talent out of hundreds of applications. In 2019, We decided to start Hossip marketplace to help companies hire pre-vetted developers who have already gone through our vetting process without spending a lot of time in recruitment.
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Co-founder, Business development, Sales

Posted 8 months ago

We are looking for a potential co-founder who could do the business development for us and reach out to the startups and businesses who are looking to hire full-time remote developers overseas. In terms of salaries we are open for revenue sharing or equity or both.