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Liam Meck

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Dan Maftei

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Francis O'Donovan

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Data scientist, planet discoverer, and developer. Passionate about solving interesting problems across diverse fields, and communicating actionable results.

Michoel Burger

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Worked at Hospital IQ, YouVisit. Experience with Amazon Web Services, Adobe Photoshop, ASP.NET

Melissa Anselmo

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Passionate about healthcare technology, patient empowerment and leveling the playing field in healthcare.

Benjamin Bigelow

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Jaime Warren

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Worked at Hospital IQ

Michael McLarnon

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Worked at Independent Consultant, Google Maps Local Guides. Experience with Audit, Architect, Asset Management. Went to Drexel University

Brandon Azoulai

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I am passionate about innovating healthcare with experience in technology and consulting.

Christian Kaduc

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Experience in product management, account management, and data analysis in the tech industry. 7+ years experience working remotely in a client facing role.

JD Creedon

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Chrystal Chan

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MS in Computational Biology and Quantitative Genetics in Harvard University,BS in Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering in CMU,worked at Goldman Sachs
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Former team

Adam Merberg

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Vikram Singh

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Zachary Matilsky

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Kaitlyn O'Callaghan

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Katherine Shaw Gyssler

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