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Hornet is a production studio based in New York City and Brooklyn

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Our work is driven by a thoughtfully curated roster of award winning directors from around the globe who have cultivated their own unique voices but share a passion for good, classic storytelling.

We believe the way to achieve true innovation and work that leaves its mark starts with understanding the very intention of a piece. Through the lense of our directors, we create rich worlds built from the nuance and small details that make your story your very own. Because we are not limited to any one way of bringing your ideas to life, we can focus on producing work that redefines what we thought we knew about storytelling.

Together with our crew we are driven day after day by this mission and invite you and your story to come join us.

Established in New York City in 2001.
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Software Engineer

Pipeline TD

Our growing team at Hornet is looking for a freelance Pipeline TD to help with a variety of tasks related to artist efficiency and workflow. Pipeline TDs are responsible for writing and maintaining tools for use on high end visual effects films.