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Drew Meyers

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Founder of @Geek Estate & Co-Founder @Horizon. Real estate tech geek, travel addict w/ 40+ countries, Biz Dev/Community @Zillow alum, business from @UW

Will Moyer

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Co-founder of Horizon. Designer, developer, and writer.


Oren Borovitch

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Operations at DoorDash

Jay Warrick

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David Skogerboe

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College graduate who learns best when fed to the wolves. Has managed records for 17,000 students, been a top salesman, and taught kindergarten all in 5 years.

David Ametsitsi

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Board members and advisors

UX/UI Strategist & Designer - Founder @F+A @designfordata @decoravi.com • VP of Product Design @PictureIQ (Adobe) • UX/UI Consultant @Amazon @Amex @Microsoft
President at Wyttmab. Previously Built: GoElevator.com, Fledge.co, Impact Hub Seattle, GoodEnterprise (acq. by VentureScale), Vox Legal (acq. by Apex LG).
Founded Farsight Media (2014) to partner with Fortune 500 brands on audience engagement. Studied at University of Vermont.
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Zachary M. Taylor

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Jeffrey Jacka

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Anthony Liang

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Justin Johnson

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Dane Andrews

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Sam Davies

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