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Software Engineer

$65k – $80k • No equity
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Company: Desk Nibbles Inc.
Position: Software Developer
Location: Ottawa, ON
Salary: Full Time


Desk Nibbles’ mission is to make employees happier and healthier! We make software and tools to make it easy to manage employee preferences and order the best snacks and beverages for offices across North America. Desk Nibbles is growing by >50% each month and we're rapidly growing our talented team. We are a group of fun, passionate, and brilliant people who contribute to improving the lives of customers one office at a time. We are do-ers with an entrepreneurial mindset ready to make a difference and willing to take on any task.

As a Software Developer at Desk Nibbles your role will be to work with our team to develop different web projects. You’ll work on the client facing UI, expand on our value added applications for clients, and improve how we run the admin in production. We ship on time and adjust for quality.

Continuous development and maintenance on core site
Additional work on business tools such as; Feedback Management System engine. Chatbots to launch on platforms such as Slack
Constant prototyping and improvement of tools and products
Support other business units independently to make tasks more efficient

2 - 4 years developing personal and work projects
Interest in all aspects of business, entrepreneurial mindset
Value prototyping and proving first, (just do it)
Experience building in React, GraphQL, Node.js projects
Understanding of SQL and NoSQL databases
Experience with tooling like Github and AWS

Must be legal to work in Canada
Must speak and write English fluently

Step 1. Solve this:
Use the following fake snacker list to find all emails of snackers with a 'fave_snack' of a product we stock.
Our product list can be found here (assume all products here are in stock):

a) List the real stocked snacks you found under the snacker's 'fave_snack'?
b) What're the emails of the snackers who listed those as a 'fave_snack'?
c) If all those snackers we're to pay for their 'fave_snack' what's the total price?

Step 2. Apply:
Send an email to work@desknibbles.com with your CV, answer question abc (optional), and let us know what your favourite snack is!

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Software Engineer

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