It is universally accepted that winning teams require both great players and great coaches. But today’s solutions focus only on player outputs. Hoorah’s software applications change that by focusing on the coaching side of the equation. Paid team sport coaches are under tremendous pressure to win games. Even one mistake can cause the loss of a game, end a season, or a career. Coaches are looking for solutions that simplify their jobs, improve outcomes, and provide a competitive advantage.

Our Speech Enabled Performance Analysis (SEPA)™, which analyzes naturally occurring communications coaches provide their players during practices, meetings and games, and converts it from conversation to report in one step. With the ability to catch errors and omissions, align communication, adjust feedback, and better understand player character and mental traits, our application offers teams a competitive advantage with no extra work, expensive equipment or learning curve.
Hoorah's SaaS analyzes naturally occurring communications coaches provide their players, and converts it into meaningful metrics for improving performance.

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