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The Scoop on events in your Hood!

The Scoop on events in your Hood!

HoodScoop is a very dynamic map with the goal of allowing you to locate, discover, & experience the best automotive and motorports events taking place near you.

We realized we wanted to be able to know in real time what’s happening around us, finding cool events we didn’t know about yet or some fun activities to do that are just steps away from us. We thought it would be nice to see what’s happening at different places by looking at the map. And we also thought it would be great if this new system alerted us ahead of time of events and gatherings we would be interested in.

We started the development as a self-funded project a few months ago, and we are very excited to work on this! The first beta version is coming in time for the next show season. As we gain feedback we are planning on turning this into something really awesome. Who knows, maybe there will be a HoodScoop for other categories too!
Enterprise / Consumer. Starting/Scaling. Strategy/BusDev, Business Models/GTM/RTM. Advisor, operator, leadership, investor. Director @CA Technologies

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