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Jonathon Triest

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Founder and managing partner of @Ludlow Ventures (www.ludlowventures.com). Carpool with me at www.carpool.vc

Zuma Partners

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Ellen Ma

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Investor at UpHonest Capital Contact yalunma.ln@gmail.com

Henry Shi

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Early-stage investor. Co-founder of PlusYoou, Co-founder of CloudApply. Focus on investing data related startups.

Leo Chan

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Oracle alum (87-96), Zip2 alum, first employee at multiple startups building and leading engineering teams. SM MIT, BS Johns Hopkins University

Mucker Capital

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Tommy Chia

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Founding Partner @ SXE Ventures, Investor, Advisor. Previously CFO @ Entersekt.

Brett deMarrais

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Detroit VC. Michigan Grad.

Ludlow Ventures

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VC done right
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