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Fairer access to financial and property products

Fairer access to financial and property products

Homeppl is on a mission to create financial inclusion. Its objective is to create equality of opportunity to consumers of financial and property products, and allow businesses to safely transact with more good consumers, including “invisible consumers”, namely internationals, self-employed, students, and others without a credit file. Homeppl’s attack vector is the UK rental market. Agencies and platforms that use solutions that rely on credit bureaus unintentionally reject a large pool of good consumers (5,000,000 “invisible consumers” / year) and expose themselves to defaults (8%) and fraudsters (1.5% of all transactions). Homeppl offers superb due diligence, giving all tenants fair access and opportunity to pay rent monthly, and keeps its clients safe from fraud or defaults. Homeppl assesses and authenticates the financial data of tenants from tenants, thereby allowing “invisible consumers” and any other tenant the opportunity to be considered and pay rent monthly. It assesses the true transactional ability of consumers with unique fraud detection tests, behavioural analysis, and financial algorithms, as well as Open Banking data. It has approved more than £1bn of revenue to its clients, allowing them to transact with more good tenants, and keep their assets and clients safe from defaults or fraud. As evidence, it has 93% approval rate, which marks a 23% approval rate lift, 0% defaults, and it detects that 1.5% of all clients’ transactions are fraudulent. The best high-street brands and online marketplaces in the UK choose Homeppl. It has an impressive portfolio of clients, including Knight Frank, Foxtons, The Countrywide Group, Douglas & Gordon, OpenRent, Lyvly, Accommodation, Quintain (formerly Tipi), and hundreds of others.

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