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At HomeNovator, we select the perfect contractor for every homeowner's renovation or remodeling project. Our escrow service secures payments. Contractors get paid based on agreed upon milestones. For contractors HomeNovator provides premium jobs and the opportunity to be profitable while securing a trusted reputation in the home improvement field. We research available contractors, check their background, their reviews and references. HomeNovator will only select contractors who are fully licensed, bonded and insured, with a good track record for quality work and fair pricing!

The annual home improvement market in U.S.A. exceeded three hundred fifty-billion dollars ten years ago, and has led the way in economic growth since the recession, but the basic model for home improvement start-ups hasn’t changed in nearly two decades HomeNovator aims to shake up the marketplace by giving homeowners what no other company has offered, reliability, protection, transparency, and a backstop against unscrupulous contractors.
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