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Founder and CEO @Homebase. I want to help people be productive and happy.


Rosie Atkins

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Jordan Brown

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Leila Malekottodjary, PHR

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Head of People at Homebase -- We're Hiring!

Will E

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David Hart

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Rushi Patel

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University of Texas, McKinsey, KKR

Tim Cannady

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Full-stack dev. Scrum & engineering lead. Passionate for solving relatable, real-world problems. Empathetic for customers. Product/design/data-minded.

Keyvan Rahmatian

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A true outside the box thinker who knows how to innovate effectively and efficiently in a myriad of cloud-based and traditional software solutions.

Tommy Vo

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I'm a full stack Ruby on Rails and DevOps developer looking for my next exciting role!
Operations leader focused on marketplaces and scaling process where humans and technology need to work together; ex-Bain Consultant, Stanford MBA, MIT undergrad

Jeff Auston

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Journeyer, philosopher, sensible technologist, advocate, empathizer
Founder and CEO @Homebase. I want to help people be productive and happy.

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Angela Smith

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