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Building community for residential and office properties



Francesca Loftus

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CEO @IAM.hom Feed The Children's "Board of Problem Solvers" at 11. Grad of socially-conscious Round Square Program founded by Royal Family.

Corey Loftus

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Co-Founder/C3PO of hOM • Yoga/Meditation/Proprioception/Interoception Teacher • NYC

Ryan Freed

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Co-founder of hOM: Building community for landlords through tech, fitness, and events. Social Entrepreneur. MetaProp #1 PropTech accelerator Graduate.


Vanessa Dunleavy

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Lilli Markle

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Business Development Manager at @hOM, Wellness Professional, Community Builder, Real Human Being

Evelyn Hoelscher

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Operations, Hiring & Recruiting for hOM. Yoga Teacher & Fitness Instructor. Professional Dancer & Choreographer.

Cassandra Coulas

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Instructor, Property Liason/Brand Manager at hOM

Board members and advisors

Real estate developer @MillenniumPartners and real estate tech investor @MetaProp Former VC @Eniac Ventures Tour Guide @Travelgoat Brown BA, Columbia MBA.
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