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The world's most delicious food holograms

The world's most delicious food holograms

We are food enthusiasts and technologists who have created an on-demand virtual and augmented reality experience platform for culinary delights.

We use state of the art photogrammetry to 3D scan food - using photography only. We showcase the scans as "food holograms" on every platform the client desires - from devices everyone has, such as iOS and Android phones and tablets to the HTC Vive, Hololens and Oculus to the latest HMD's and gesture input devices. We also 3D search-index each element in the scan - so that you can tell that that particular green macaron is matcha green tea and not pistachio.

The quality of our scanning, rendering and creative application technologies have been lauded by both Michelin-starred chef's and AR/VR experts as the best they have seen. We have been invited to show (and won Best of Show prizes) at Augmented World Expo, Makerfaire, SIGGRAPH, Launch Festival, TechCrunch Disrupt, FoodTech Connect and other events.
I build augmented reality software platforms. Pasttime: winning hundreds of hackathons for fun and profit and running a Shakespearean theatre in a virtual world


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