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C# Multiplayer Netcode Developer

$63k – $72k • 0.5% – 1.0%
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At Holos, we're developing a general-purpose spatial computing system for AR and VR, and deploying it in the educational and training fields to let people take control over their learning and personal growth like never before. Our product is built on top of proven technologies like Leap Motion's hand tracking, Valve’s SteamVR platform, and Apple’s ARKit platform.

You'll work alongside our CTO, in a very generalist and multidisciplinary role. You'll be best suited for this if you are intrinsically motivated about technology, design, and education, as these are the domains that we're trying to help improve. We welcome friendly, curious individuals that understand the power of communication, knowledge, and teamwork to apply.

Your responsibilities would be:
- 3+ years of experience writing netcode for multiplayer games and be able to adequately talk through experience and other prior work in your portfolio
- Understanding network topologies; working around firewalls and other restrictive environments
- NAT Punch-through
- VOIP (developing product integration strategies, troubleshooting, etc.)
- Git for source control

Nice to have:
- Node.js for working on our backend, and ensuring both systems work together harmoniously

Perks and Benefits:
- Generalists thrive here. You are given wide latitude to build your skillset in various directions.
- Flex remote & office work. You do need to come into the office sometimes, but your home office is just as valid as the group one.
- Use your gamedev skills and passion but without the demands of the game industry. Our workspace feels like a game studio in terms of creativity and that game design values inform our product, but there's no crunch time and angry mobs won't harass you en masse over perfectly human mistakes
- Plenty of PTO & Paid Sick Leave; Healthcare options
- Employee Stock Option plan

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Tyler Waite

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Founder Holos • Serial entrepreneur • Studied at @University of Wisconsin, Madison • Loves emoji ✨

Dan Borkhus

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Founder and CEO @Holos

Josh Corvinus

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Comprehensive Medial, Dental, and Vision Insurance

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